When it comes to smartphones, the brand everyone is talking about is the iPhone. Even though there are serious contenders in the smartphone market, the Apple iPhone is still seen as the number one phone and the industry leader. iPhone users boast about the increased number of iPhone apps and phones available on the market but this is down to a larger number of handsets and a lot of low quality apps. The iPhone is still the individual big seller in the smartphone market and while the quantity of apps may be lower, the quality is often a lot higher.

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This is why the popularity of the iPhone real money poker sites is likely to remain high in the next few years. Apple has not really made a false move in the market yet and they still have a huge draw and appeal to many consumers. This means that the demand for poker to become available on the iPhone is bigger than the majority of its competitors. The name and allure of the Apple brand is important for some consumers but for other people, it is the quality of the product and the assurances of the apps that make the iPhone the number one smart phone.

This ensures that online gaming sites have to look to provide great quality poker sites or apps created with iPhone users in mind. If you have an Apple iPhone, rest assured that poker sites will be gearing content towards you for a good time to come.

Advantages of playing poker on iPhone

The main advantage that the iPhone brings users is the convenience of playing anywhere. Having a smartphone means that you can be constantly connected to the internet wherever you are. This means if you are at home, commuting to and from work, waiting around for people or generally at a loose end, you can get online and play at a range of mobile poker rooms.

This makes the iPhone the ideal place to enjoy sit n go games and quick real money poker games. This has been the focus of iPhone poker developers, providing players with a quick and hassle-free way to enjoy poker.

As technology develops and the iPhone becomes capable of much more, you can see the changes in the poker apps and site content develop too. As the screen becomes larger, there is more room to display poker information, providing players more scope to enjoy the game as they would at home. The processing power becoming bigger will mean faster games and less of a lag. As the iPhone products develop and prosper, you can expect iPhone poker games to improve too.

Disadvantages of playing poker on iPhone

Given that there is often a lot of information to process when playing poker, it is understandable that the iPhone sometimes struggles. The screen size is considerably smaller than tablets let alone PC, laptop, Ipad or Mac screens so there will inevitably be less information available to a player.

There is likely to be a bit of lag when playing the games, which can be off-putting for those players who are comfortable with playing poker on their PC or Mac. It is not as if this time-lag is overly detrimental to the game but it can stop players from getting fully in the mood to play.

Another small disadvantage is that the iPhone is not really engineered for lengthy poker tournaments but it is perfectly suited to quick real money sit n go games or even cash games.

Best iPhone poker sites

Providing specialist iPhone content is essential for poker sites and it is no surprise that some of the biggest names in the market lead the way with iPhone poker content.

Bovada actually provides an iPhone app allowing users to get the best quality games and screen layout. Having specifically created content is always important for getting the best out of the iPhone and Bovada has hit the mark here.

Ignition Poker and Americas Cardroom also provide iPhone content, enabling you to play wherever you are. With all of these sites being highly rated and offering plenty of great welcome offers, you should find that you can have a lot of iPhone poker fun when you choose one of these options.

Future of iPhone poker sites

It goes without saying that the iPhone is likely to be around for many years in the various incarnations that Apple produces. The success of the phone and the way it is an integral part of people’s lives will ensure that there will be many more iPhones to come in the next few years.

This means that there will always be a high level of demand and that poker site developers will always be producing poker related content for the smartphone. As the technology used in the iPhone develops, the quality of the poker games will improve too.

Improved processing power and more screen space are two of the biggest factors that will lead to a notable improvement in iPhone poker so you can rest assured that there will be plenty of opportunities available for years to come with this device.