With the iPad being the tablet that everyone is talking about and sales growing steadily with each new release, it is inevitable that online gaming firms will show an interest towards moving to the iPad. With the iPad Mini introducing another element to the iPad family, it is easy to see why online poker sites are taking notice of this device and are moving towards creating content especially designed for the iPad.

With Apple continually extending the iPad range of products and the increasing market share towards Apple products, industry experts believe that sales of iPad products will continue to rise in years to come. As the iPad becomes stronger in the marketplace, the importance of creating apps and iPad friendly poker sites for their users will become more important to the success or failure of an online gaming site.

Apple have always been highly protective of their device which means that companies have to create an app that is regarded as top quality. This may ensure it takes longer for good quality iPad poker apps to appear on the market but the size of the market ensures that they will eventually arrive.


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Advantages of playing poker on iPad

If you’ve been used to playing poker on smartphones, the emergence of iPad (and even mini iPad) poker apps will be of great benefit. The increased screen size allows for much more detail and should ensure a player has a more comfortable time when playing poker on their mobile device.

It should also go without saying that iPad poker games will provide you with the perfect opportunity to play poker games on the go. With some iPad being able to connect to the internet without the need for Wi-Fi access, this device represents a truly mobile way to play. The iPad Mini provides a slimmer and more convenient device for users, there is a high level of flexibility in where you can play your favourite games.

As the apps will have been approved for the Apple Store, there is an element of confidence that users can have in the apps. Whilst many of the online poker community will be worried as to the quality of the poker apps that are being introduced to the market, the strict rules and regulations in terms of quality on the app store will require each app to be of the highest standard. This will ensure that poker rooms who rush or spend little time in terms of research development simply won’t be able to advertise their apps via the app store; thus resulting in a higher end product for its users.

Disadvantages of playing poker on iPad
While the iPad is larger than a smartphone, it is still considerably smaller than a PC, laptop or Mac screen. Poker games can be quite busy and a smaller screen means that players have to look really closely to see everything or they may find that certain pieces of information are not included on the screen.

The iPad remains an expensive purchase and a high quality app may cost money for the consumer as well. With all online gaming but especially those when connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection or non-secure network, people will have concerns about their online security. There will be a need for app manufacturers to indicate how secure their apps are for players.

Best iPad poker sites – Rating

There are a number of poker sites that have a good quality iPad poker provision with the following sites being worth looking at.

Bovada has always been at the cutting edge of technology so it is no surprise they offer a good iPad game. With a 100% matched deposit bonus going to a high level and a no deposit bonus available too, you should find Bovada provides a perfect iPad poker platform.

Americas Cardroom is another big contender that offers a strong iPad option, while Bovada is a natural choice if you’re looking to play on the biggest and busiest USA online poker room. If you have an iPad, you can rely on the big names of online poker to provide good options for you.

Future of iPad poker sites

Even though there is no guaranteed success in life, it is reasonable to assume that Apple and the range of iPad products will be around for many years to come. The iPad Mini has helped to open up the market to people with a more restricted budget or for those who require a more mobile-friendly device.

This means that the sales of the iPad will remain high, which means that there will still be a huge demand for poker apps and the quality is likely to grow. Proposed features for future iPad include better use of the in-built cameras, which could lead to improved interaction between players during online poker with money.

Some online poker sites have managed to incorporate some of the best elements of playing poker in real-life into their site and it could well be that future iPad products will be able to provide this too. Facial expressions and bluffs are an integral part of poker for many people and the ever-improving iPad technology may allow for poker developers to incorporate this element into the games.

You should also expect faster games, more scope for tournaments and general all-round improvements as the processors, graphics and coding improve over time too.