Western Union has become one of the leading deposit and cashout methods at US poker rooms over the last couple of years. Western Union is more widely accepted by poker rooms than their rival Moneygram. The top six US poker sites are all accepting Western Union deposits, but only three of them accept Moneygram. Western Union has some advantages and disadvantages over traditional poker deposit options like debit cards or payout methods like paper checks.

Western Union is much better than any other US friendly withdrawal method and depositors will never have to worry about having their deposit declined. The downside is that Western Union deposits can take a few days and there are fees associated with using this method. Serious poker players generally do not mind the fees or the wait, but recreational players can be put off if they don’t know what to expect. The fees charged by Western Union generally start at $10-$20 and increase from there depending on the size of your deposit.

US Poker Sites That Accept Western Union

Every major US poker site currently accepts Western Union deposits. Credit card deposits are on the decline for several reasons, and many Americans have turned to Western Union. The poker sites listed below account for 95%+ of the US poker market, in terms of traffic. Some of these rooms will refund the fee you paid Western Union once they have picked up the money. This is not the official policy at each poker room so you should contact them directly once the deposit has been credited.

How To Deposit At Poker Rooms Using Western Union

There are a couple of ways that you can deposit at an online poker site using Western Union. The most convenient method is using the Western Union web site. You can use your debit or credit card to transfer the money to the receiver supplied by the poker room.

The receiver information is typically found on the poker room deposit page. If it is not you should contact the poker room and they will send you the instructions. The other option is using cash to transfer the money in person at any Western Union agent. Stores like Walmart and Currency Exchange are great examples, but there are many others.

Western Union Payouts At US Poker Rooms

As a deposit option Western Union has some drawbacks, but as a payout method it is perfect. The best part about using this method to receive your cashouts is that you will receive cash in hand.

Many American online poker players have had negative experiences when they attempted to deposit checks from poker rooms into their accounts. Some of the US poker rooms listed only take 12 hours to send you the transaction details.

After you receive them you can go to any Western Union agent and pick up your money right away. Many of the Western Union poker sites listed above cover the fees on one or two withdrawals per month.