In the past Moneygram was an expensive deposit method that only high stakes players used to deposit with at online poker rooms. The online poker industry has changed a lot during the previous year or two and Moneygram is now a popular deposit and withdrawal method. U.S. poker players love the 100% success rate of money transfer deposits, and they really love the high speed payouts that are available using this method. Moneygram does charge fees on every transfer, but a few US poker sites will cover some of these fees.

Moneygram has been a popular deposit method at many of the leading US sports books for years. The recent upheavals in the US poker market have driven many players to sports book / poker room hybrids. Some of the largest US poker rooms fall into this category. You can transfer money to these poker rooms a couple of different ways using Moneygram.

Poker Sites That Accept Moneygram Deposits

Out of the six largest US poker rooms, three of them accept Moneygram deposits. They each have different policies on how they deal with the fees associated with the transfer. After you have successfully made a deposit using Moneygram you should contact support to see if you are eligible to have the fee credited to your account. These fees generally start off at around $10-$15 and increase with size. Here is a list of the US poker rooms that accept Moneygram deposits.

Depositing At A US Poker Site Using Moneygram  – Online

The Moneygram web site allows you to quickly and easily transfer money to any poker room that accepts this method. The process is relatively simple, and once you have signed up it will only take seconds to send subsequent transfers. You can use a debit or credit card like Visa or Mastercard to fund these transactions. You will need a few pieces of information from the poker site before you can send them money using Moneygram. This information includes the receivers name and location. You can usually find this info in the cashier section at the poker room or by contacting them directly. Once you have transferred the money to the poker room you will need to send them some information:

  • Moneygram reference number
  • Your player ID
  • Your name
  • Your location
  • The exact amount you sent

If this information does not match exactly the poker room will not be able to pick up the money and there will be a delay in crediting the deposit to your account, so it is important that you get everything right.

Depositing At A USA Poker Site Using Moneygram  – In Person

There are thousands of stores in the USA that process Moneygram transfers. Walmart, Currency Exchange and K-Mart are the most common in my region, but there are many others. You can simply use cash when you use Moneygram in person and the same rules apply.