Prepaid Visa cards have become very popular at poker sites that accept US players over the last couple years. Many poker players have had the Visa cards issued by their banks rejected when they tried to deposit at a poker room with them. Other players only have Mastercard, but most poker rooms have stopped accepting them due to the low success rate. Prepaid Visa card are the perfect solution because they are widely available and the money is credited instantly. You can even use a debit or credit card that got rejected at an online poker room to buy a prepaid Visa.

You can hardly go anywhere anymore without seeing prepaid and gift cards with the Visa logo on them. Retail outlets like Walmart, gas stations and even grocery stores like Jewel offer them in my area. It doesn’t matter where you live in the USA, you will not have any trouble finding a store that sells prepaid Visa cards. Not all prepaid cards work at online poker rooms. The best strategy is to use a smaller amount of money until you find a brand of prepaid Visa that works. Prepaid Visas are not all the same. The Visa cards at one store may be backed by a different bank than the cards at another store. Once you find a prepaid Visa that works at a poker room you should not have any trouble depositing ever again.

Pre-paid Visa Card Poker Rooms

Visa is the most used deposit option for poker players from the USA.  Each of the top US poker rooms accepts Visa deposits.  This includes credit, debit and prepaid Visa cards. Here is a list of the top three poker rooms that accept prepaid Visa card deposits.

Where To Find Prepaid Visa Cards

Finding a retailer that sells prepaid Visa cards is very simple. Most people will already know where they can find them, but if you do not there is an easy solution. The Visa web site has some excellent information about this. I also know that some web sites offer virtual prepaid Visa cards. With virtual prepaid Visa cards you will receive the card number, date and security number online right away. Here is a list of the ways that you can acquire prepaid Visa cards online or in person.

  • Stores that sell prepaid Visa cards – The Visa web site has a tool that will show you all of the stores that sell prepaid Visa cards in your area. You can visit for a full list.
  • Buy it online – You can order a prepaid Visa card online and have it delivered to your door.  There are dozens of web sites that sell these cards.
  • Banks – Many of the leading US banks like Chase, PNC, Comerica, BCU and Commerce Bank offer pr-paid Visas to their customers.

Tips For Using Prepaid Visa Cards At Poker Rooms

When you buy a prepaid Visa card you will not know for sure if it is going to work. These cards do get declined just like Visa debit and credit cards. I suggest buying a $20 prepaid card initially so you can test it out. If it gets declined when you attempt to deposit you can always spend it like you would cash. You also may be able to find information online about which prepaid brands work and which do not. You can find the brand by looking at the back of the card. The different brands for these cards are usually banks.