Even though Windows phones are regarded as the new contenders in a busy market place, there is a lot of respect for these phones. With iOS and Android seemingly having the smart phone industry sewn up, it was always going to take a heavyweight to come into the battle to mix things up and of course, this is exactly what happened.

When it comes to feeling comfortable when using a computer, Windows is a name that poker players know and love, making it an obvious choice for smartphone users. This is the main selling point of the Windows phone, the ease of use and the fact that people will be familiar with the operating system used by the phone. The integration of mobile poker apps is an obvious choice really with all of the current poke rooms being available on the current Windows operating system.

However, Windows phones appear to be at the cutting edge of the touchscreen technology too, making it a big draw for the next generation of mobile poker players. It is expected that Windows phones will eat into the market share divided between Apple and Android users which means that there will be plenty of Windows phone products to choose from in the years to come.


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Advantages of playing poker on Windows Phone

The sleekness of Windows phones means that there is an ease of use about them in everything that they are used for. Even if you are not overly confident of using a smartphone to its fullest, the familiarity with Windows will enable many people to feel right at home when they start to use their Windows phone.

Like all smart phones, playing poker on a Windows phone is ideal for those who want convenience and flexibility to play on the move. Given that the way we access the internet has changed greatly in recent times, it is important to be able to have poker apps and poker sites that will provide entertainment and fun for players wherever they are.

Disadvantages of playing poker on Windows Phone

As Windows phones are still finding their place in the industry, there has not been as much focus on providing great content for this phone as there has been for other phones. This is changing all the time as developers look to create specific Windows phone content but there is no doubt that at the moment; this phone lags behind the main smart phone operating systems.

However, this is definitely changing and you can expect to see more specific and specially created content for Windows phones in the near future.

Like all smart phones, the smaller screen size will mean that some poker elements may be omitted from games and there can often be some lag in poker games but none of these issues are that big. Playing poker on a Windows phone is still an excellent way to play poker when you are on the go.

Best Windows Phone poker sites

While Windows phones have provided strong links for people looking to bring all of their social networking sites under one easy to use banner, there has been a slower development for specific poker apps or content for players to enjoy. It is still possible to play poker games on Windows phones but there is not as much especially created content as there is for other smartphones.

However, you will definitely be able to enjoy mobile poker phone when you opt for the Bovada or Americas Cardroom options. These are major online poker providers and they both recognize the increasing importance of the online poker option. Choosing from these sites will not only provide you with peace of mind and great welcome offers, it should ensure that you get a great deal of confidence with regards the poker options at your disposal.

Equally, the Bovada site, as the biggest poker option for USA online players, will provide a great opportunity to enjoy poker when you are using a smart phone.

Future of Windows Phone poker sites

Given that Windows phones arrived later on the scene compared with other types of smart phones, it makes sense that they are more progressive than some of the other smart phone options. This means that there is a greater level of touch-screen technology and interactivity between apps and poker sites.

Given that interaction is a huge element of poker, it can only be hoped that elements of this will come into play with Windows mobile poker games. With Windows also being behind a number of impressive looking tablets, there is definitely going to be an increase in Window mobile products in the future, so this should ensure that poker developers continue to look towards this market.

As the market share increases, an increasing number of developers will put more time and effort into the Windows phone poker products so you can expect great improvement in this area in the years to come.