There are many new U.S. poker sites, but many of these are simply skins on existing networks.  Even though they are new I don’t see much to get excited about if they offer the same bonuses, promotions, reward programs and use the same software as dozens of other skins. Not all skins are carbon copies of the other rooms on the network though. Even though they do share the traffic with the other rooms these new US friendly poker rooms have distinguished themselves from the rest of the network. It all comes down to the owners of the new poker room. They can offer the standard network promotions, bonuses and banking options, or they can invest money into their own special features, promos and banking options.

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New US Poker Sites – When A Skin Isn’t Just A Skin

Lock Poker is the perfect example of when a poker network skin isn’t just another skin. They started off on the Merge Gaming Network (Carbon Poker) several years ago. Unlike most new poker rooms for Americans Lock Poker actually had a large marketing budget and plans on completely customizing the network platform and features. Their name comes from the ultra-secure banking vault system they developed in place of the standard Merge Gaming account page. They created brand new promotions, bonuses, software features and a rewards program. Needless to say, they were not just another “skin”.

In 2013 Lock Poker bought the Cake Poker Network, another US poker network. Now that they had their own software, Lock Poker left Merge and took around 40% of that network’s traffic with them. They created the Revolution Gaming Network. What started off as a skin is now the largest US poker site.

Other New Poker Sites For U.S. Players

BetOnline Poker and Bovada Poker are the newest US poker rooms, if you only count rooms with excellent reputations. These rooms are not new in every sense of the word, but I will explain why. BetOnline has been a popular online bookmaker for over a decade. No one really used their poker client until 2011 when many Americans were looking for new rooms to play at after being blocked from other rooms. Since then BetOnline Poker has seen enormous growth in the US market.

They have also made a lot of changes due to this growth so to most people they will be new. Bovada Poker has a slightly different story. Bovada was launched in 2013 but they are owned by a far older US poker site; Bodog. Bodog created Bovada strictly for players from the USA.  The name and software are new but the company behind Bovada has been a leading US poker room, sports book and casino for many years.

 Playing At New US Poker Rooms – A Word Of Caution

Playing at a new online poker room is a lot like buying a new book. You can read reviews all day long but in the end you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. You are far more likely to have a negative experience at a new poker site, especially if you are from the USA. When I say “new” I am not talking about a poker room like Poker or Lock Poker since they are technically new because they launched a new network on new software.