During the infancy of online poker instant bankrolls were a common theme at most poker sites. Giving away free money to bring in new players has some big advantages over deposit bonuses, freerolls and other marketing tactics. Instant poker bankrolls are also known as no-deposit bonuses. Many USA online poker sites have stopped offering instant bankrolls because so many players abuse them.

These bonus abusers can smell free poker money online like a shark can smell blood in water. People have developed entire web sites and online communities solely devoted to abusing instant bankroll offers. On the flip side there are many web sites that are set up to trick players into signing up at a poker site by telling them that they will receive an instant bankroll when they really will not. Needless to say, there are many scammers and spammers working in the “instant poker bankroll” niche. Fortunately, not all of these offers are fake. There are still some poker sites that offer instant bankrolls.


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What Is An Instant Poker Bankroll? Is It A Bonus?

Instant poker bankrolls can be one of two things. The most popular is a free money offer that does not require a deposit. The other type of instantly credited bankroll is a regular deposit bonus that you get to play with right away. The bankroll abusers obviously focus on the former. There are rules associated with both types of instant bankroll and it is very important that you understand them beforehand.

How Instant Bankrolls Work – Why You Shouldn’t Abuse Them

Instant poker bankrolls that do not require a deposit always have rules that prevent people from simply cashing out without playing. In many cases you will need to do more than just play. There can be deposit requirements and you will need to verify your identity too.

The poker sites that offer these instant bankrolls need to do this to protect themselves from abusers. How easy would it be to create new email accounts and aliases in order to keep claiming the free money? In the past one poker room used to offer a $50 instant bankroll and there were many reports of people claiming the free money dozens of times or more. More elaborate scammers would dump the money into a co-conspirators account at the ring tables and cash it out that way.

The fraud prevention staff at online poker sites will quickly catch any attempts to abuse these promotions. Opening a second account in an effort to claim another instant bankroll once you have lost the first one isn’t worth a lifetime ban from the room or other potential actions taken by the room. This is not a proven fact, but there is evidence to support the theory that poker sites share information about bonus abusers. Rival poker rooms may set aside their differences to create lists of abusers, so by breaking the rules at one room you may be risking your ability to play at other rooms.

If you love playing cards online you should adhere to the poker site’s instant bankroll rules.