There are many factors to consider when determining if a poker site is easy to beat. Unlike casinos, poker sites do not have a house edge and games like Texas Hold’em do not have a payout percentage so it can be hard to judge without actually sitting down and playing. In general, U.S. friendly poker sites have softer competition than their European counterparts. This does not mean that Americans are poor poker players. It can be explained by looking at where they play poker at.

The six leading US poker rooms each offer a sports book, casino or both. In some cases the poker room is more of a courtesy service than an integral part of their product. Online poker sites that offer these others services are home to more easy to beat competition than a poker room that offers nothing else. I will explain why this is true and provide some tips for spotting these easy to beat US poker sites in this article. Even after you start playing at one of the easiest to beat poker sites you will still need to employ some tactics for finding the soft action. Not every table will be filled with fish so I will also cover some tips for finding them.


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Why Are Certain Poker Sites Easier To Beat Than Others?

It has been proven many times over that the competition at poker room / sports book combos is easier to beat than sites that only offer poker. At a traditional poker room everyone is there for one thing and one thing only: poker. When sports bettors decide to give the poker room a try they typically lack both experience and skill with online play. Betting on sports doesn’t make someone a bad poker player, but would you prefer to sit at a table with five other seasoned poker players or five sports betting fans with questionable knowledge on poker tactics?

The same can be said for casino gamblers. Playing video poker or Caribbean Stud Poker at a casino hardly qualifies someone to grind it out at the $1/2 NL Hold’em tables.

Since most US poker sites are sports books first and poker rooms second this makes them easy to beat, generally speaking, than non-US rooms. Ignition Poker, BetOnline, Sportsbook Poker and Poker all have a player base that has a higher than normal percentage of inexperienced.

What Else Makes A Poker Site Easy To Beat?

Some US poker sites are easiest to win money at than others for another reason. Novice online poker players tend to congregate at certain poker sites. These “noobs” tend to enjoy features that serious grinders have no interest in:

  • Freerolls
  • Micro & low stakes promotions
  • Features that create a community-like atmosphere

Poker sites that offer the things listed above tend to have a higher percentage of inexperienced poker players. Most new players to online poker enjoy being rewarded with freerolls and loyalty programs that make them feel like VIP’s. Many of the fish at a poker site are recreational players so they also like chatting while they play.

Tips For Finding Easy To Beat Competition

After you have created an account at one of the easy to beat United States poker sites mentioned on this page you are still going to have to find the right table. The fish may stay mostly in the shallows but soft action can be found at the higher stake levels too, provided you know what to look for. A table with a high players/flop percentage is the best indication of weak competition. All of the poker rooms mentioned here have software that enables you to sort tables by this statistic. Be sure to factor in the number of players at the table since a short-handed table will naturally have a higher flop percentage than a full ring table.