The biggest US poker sites have changed a lot over the past couple of years. There is a healthy community of Americans playing poker for money and there are excellent US poker sites to choose from.

Most of the largest US poker rooms share one thing in common – they offer other gambling products like sports betting services or casinos. This has been an important factor in the success of the US poker industry. Ignition Casino and Poker room is a great example. They are part of one of the most successful online gambling companies ever – Bodog.


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These sports book, poker room and casino hybrids not only have the resources to keep deposits and payouts flowing in and out, but they also have the infrastructure to weather legal calamities like domain name seizures. Players from the United States also feel safer at these companies because the other products anchor the poker room down and any unethical behavior on the part of the poker room would have a profound impact on their sports betting and casino businesses. At some companies the poker room is their least important property, but it is also one that they cannot do without.

Traffic At The Biggest US Poker Sites

Traffic has been fluctuating a lot during the past several months. The leading US poker rooms generally range from 5,000 to 15,000 players online during peak hours.

This number can be misleading because play money and freeroll players are included. The total number of players actually sitting at a real money ring table, sitngo or tournament is much more telling. At most poker rooms only one in seven of the players logged in are actually playing for real money.

The United States poker sites with the most traffic have always had a better ratio, usually around five to one. So a European poker room with 10,000 players during peak hours may have fewer actual cash players than a US room with 7,500 players. Here is an overview of the traffic levels at the big USA poker rooms.

Ignition Poker – The anonymous tables at Ignition Poker prevent traffic monitoring services from computing an accurate number, but it is safe to assume that Ignition is #1 in terms of traffic. I would say that a safe estimate on peak cash player traffic would be a range from 1,000 to 2,000, if you take into account people playing at more than one table at once. Overall traffic is around 5,000.

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Americas Cardroom Poker & Sportsbook Poker – These two US poker sites are both on the Merge network so their traffic levels are the same. These rooms have roughly 20% less cash game traffic than Ignition Poker but overall traffic is actually 50% higher so if you only look at the number of players logged in during peak hours these two rooms are larger than Ignition. The peak cash player range at both rooms is 1,500 to 1,800, but the total peak traffic can exceed 10,000 players. This discrepancy is due to the fact that both rooms attract more non-depositing players than any other US poker room. They do this through an insane number of freerolls and other non-depositor friendly promotions.

BetOnline Poker & Poker – Both of these poker sites use the same software and share traffic. Peak cash game traffic ranges from 400 to 1,000 players. Overall peak traffic ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 players.

Before the UIGEA was passed in the US, the online poker marketplace was lucrative and the growth of the industry seemed to be happening at an incredibly fast speed. The UIGEA brought with it stringent regulations that restricted banks from doing transactions with gambling sites, which would normally have hampered the growth of the industry, but the US still boasts the largest number of online poker players in the world. The massive online poker market within the US is evident in the pre-Black Friday US poker traffic at the largest United States poker sites. The US market single handedly grew the online poker industry, making it necessary for the biggest American poker sites to modify their sites to accommodate such high traffic volumes, and the result of this was the creation of a massive online poker market that still exists today.

The biggest USA poker sites are gauged based on factors such as the average number playing during peak hours, first deposit bonus offers, games, software, VIP rewards programs, promotions, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs in the largest guaranteed tournaments on the Internet. In fact, in the hay day of American online poker, numerous Guinness World Records were set, one of the most memorable taking place in December of 2011 when the largest online poker tournament was held on PokerStars when 200,000 players logged in to play a $1 buy-in tourney.
Things You can Look Forward to When Playing at the Most Popular USA Poker Sites


The biggest US poker sites were built on a dedication to the US market that featured a never ending quest for the biggest and best promotions that sent everyday online poker players all over the world to compete in the largest live poker tournaments on the planet. The most famous of these stories being Chris Moneymaker, who won a $39 buy-in satellite tournament that catapulted him into the 2003 WSOP Main Event, which he went on to win. This event revolutionized online poker forever.

It is not surprising that the biggest US poker sites are also the most popular among players all over the world, as well. Many of these online poker giants were established early on in the industry and have over the years invested heavily in advertising and sponsoring big-name pros who can actually be found playing with the masses at any given time.


While there are many different online poker networks, the software plays a big part in attracting players. The biggest US poker sites are successful because of the powerful platforms on which they operate. The software is superb and characterized by ease of navigation. They are not prone to crashing and they give players access to innovative gaming options like custom avatars and other customizable features.

Despite extremely high volumes of players, the action at these sites remains flawless, and there is never a lack of tournaments or cash games at the biggest US poker sites at all levels, during both on- and off-peak hours. And all the while, the online poker rooms sustain this incredibly high traffic via fast and sleek software that players quickly fall in love with.


The biggest US poker sites feature a myriad of games and levels in order to accommodate players of all interests and bankrolls. Forced to come up with something new to entice more players, the concept of fast-paced Texas Hold ‘em poker came about a few years ago in which a player can fold his hand and instantly be dealt a new one at a new table. Originally called Rush Poker at Full Tilt, where it was first introduced, it is also often called Speed Poker and has become hugely popular over the years.

Other popular games that have made their way to the biggest US poker sites include Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz, and mixed games such as HORSE, HOSE, and many others.


The best US poker sites offer a wide variety of stakes ranging from micro stakes, in which mere pennies are wagered, to mid stakes, to high stakes, in which thousands of dollars change hands within seconds by only a click of a mouse.


Tournaments are also at the biggest US poker sites, pulling in crowds with their huge payouts. These sites are hubs for all sorts of poker tournaments, including satellite tourneys, freerolls, and million dollar guaranteed tournaments.

Other benefits

Playing at the biggest US poker sites brings a stream of benefits that newer poker sites can only dream of. These sites offer the best online poker alongside fantastic promotions and excellent customer support. Throughout the month, other guarantees are steadily on the flow and there are incredible monthly offers. Money guarantees are countless and deposit bonuses are plentiful for both new and returning players that can increase bankrolls by thousands of dollars. Also, the biggest US poker sites offer the best variety of payment options and faster payouts.