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The $5 Million Venom is near — don’t miss it!

Get ready. The $5 Million Venom starts soon. This is definitely the poker tournament that everyone’s looking forward to the most. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because the $5 Million Venom is the most rewarding, most unique online poker tourney on the planet.

The tournament gets underway July 14th and the biggest tournament Americas Cardroom has ever hosted. It’s also the biggest on the planet for US players and truly unique in its format. That’s because this isn’t a one-day affair, but rather a multi-day tourney that can accommodate you.

Here’s what the schedule for the $5 Million Venom looks like:

  • Day 1A: Sunday July 14th at 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
  • Day 1B: Tuesday, July 16th at 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
  • Day 1C: Sunday, July 21st at 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
  • Day 2: Monday, July 22nd at 1pm ET (12 hours of play or down to final 8 players)
  • Day 3 (if needed): Tuesday, July 23rd at 1pm ET (Play down to the final table)
  • Day 4: Wednesday, July 24th at 5pm ET (Final Table plays until tournament is over)

Want in? Then get into a Step 1 tournament. You have no excuses not to because they cost $0 and run multiple times per day. Each one feeds into Step 2. Make your way in and climb up, all the way to a Venom seat. Here’s how it all works:

  • Step 2 ($6.61 buy-in) – 25 Seats guaranteed to Step 3 (1 in 2.75 win)
  • Step 3 ($16.51 buy-in) – 15 Seats guaranteed to Step 4 (1 in 3.6 win)
  • Step 4 ($55.01 buy-in) – 6 Seats guaranteed to Step 5 (1 in 3.9 win)
  • Step 5 ($215.01 buy-in) – 5 Seats guaranteed to Step 6 (1 in 3.15 win)
  • Step 6 ($630.01 buy-in) – 1 Venom Seat guaranteed (1 in 4.41 win)

Steps aren’t the only way in. ACR also has other satellites feeding directly into the $5 Million Venom, plus you can Spin to Get In to get into it as well.

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Venom ACR

The $5 Million Venom to be the star at the upcoming OSS Cub3D on Americas Cardroom in July

The Online Super Series (OSS) Cub3D events on Americas Cardroom (ACR) are always a favorite with poker fans. The series is about to kick off for the eighth time in July and this time, there's something else added to the mix. Making its debut will be the $5 Million Venom, the largest event ever offered by any US-facing poker site.

Day 1B of the $5 Million Venom is going to be held on July 21st, the first day of the OSS Cub3D 8 series, and will run its course on July 24th, when the big winner will be awarded a guaranteed $1 million. The OSS Cub3D will then continue until August 18th, and has over 160 events on the schedule with a massive $13 million in guaranteed prize money ready to be given away. Here's what's on tap:

The Mini Online Super Series will get things rolling July 21st to July 28th. These events are geared for the low-stakes players and offer buy-ins that start at $1. The $88 buy-in Main Event will be a crowd-pleaser, with $300k in guaranteed cash up for grabs.

Next up will be the Online Super Series, which will run from July 29th to August 11th. This two-week series has something for everyone, with buy-ins ranging from low to high and everything in between. A Main Event will be held August 11th, with a buy-in of $540 and a prize pool worth $1 million GTD.

The final part, the Bigger Online Super Series, takes place on August 12th to 18th. These events have the high rollers in mind, providing larger buy-ins and smaller fields. $1 million in guaranteed cash is waiting at the $2,100 buy-in Main Event on August 12th

This OSS Cub3D series, and the $5 Million Venom, will be history in the making. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! There are plenty of $5 Million Venom satellites available for as low as $4 and ACR also has some free seats to give away. For more details on the $5 Million Venom, check out


Venom ACR

Americas Cardroom is rewriting online poker history with the $5 Million Venom

Americas Cardroom (ACR) has been getting the word out about the biggest online poker game of the year. The $5 Million Venom is coming on July 14th and is the largest tournament ever created by any US-facing poker site. This is going to be a history-changing event and only ACR is able to make it possible!

Take a look at what’s in store with the $5 Million Venom:

  • Become an instant millionaire – The $5 Million Venom winner will take home $1 million in guaranteed cash. Get ready to have your life changed instantly.
  • Player wagers - ACR is going to put up betting lines on well-known poker players and how they perform at the event. Fans can place their wagers under the “Sports” tab of the ACR client and lines will be posted as the event approaches.
  • Multiple chances for entry – ACR is offering three Day 1 starts. If you don’t survive Day 1A, come back for Day 1B or Day 1C. This is the first multi-day tournament for ACR and everyone has a chance to sit down at a table.
  • Free seats are available - ACR is adding $120,000 a month into their Step tournaments to win a $2,650 Venom seat. Step 1 is free to enter for everyone.
  • Event coverage – ACR will offer regular video updates from an announcer right in the poker client. There will be chip counts, key hands, and big knockouts continually updated. The pull-in time 20 minutes leading up to the tournament will include music and a countdown clock.

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Here’s the complete $5 Million Venom Schedule:

  • Day 1A: Sunday July 14th at 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
  • Day 1B: Tuesday, July 16th at 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
  • Day 1C: Sunday, July 21st at 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
  • Day 2: Monday, July 22nd at 1pm ET (12 hours of play or down to final 8 players)
  • Day 3 (if needed): Tuesday, July 23rd at 1pm ET (Play down to the final table)
  • Day 4: Wednesday, July 24th at 5pm ET (Final Table plays until tournament is over)

Venom ACR

Step your way into Americas Cardroom’s $5 Million Venom for $0

Even though the biggest poker tournament of the summer has a record-breaking $5,000,000 GTD prize pool, you don’t need to dig way down into your wallet to take part.  That’s because Americas Cardroom is making it easy for you to step your way in their $5 Million Venom tourney starting July 14th.

Sure, you can buy a seat directly for $2,650, but wouldn’t you rather save some coin and step your way there for free? Simply start at a Step 1 Freeroll. If you lose, you can play Step 1 again or just buy your way into the next step. Here’s how all the steps work:

  • Step 1 (Six freerolls daily, $0 buy-in) - compete for 113 total Step 2 seats
  • Step Two ($6.61 buy-in) – 25 Seats GTD to Step Three (1 in 2.75 win)
  • Step Three ($16.51 buy-in) – 15 Seats GTD to Step Four (1 in 3.6 win)
  • Step Four ($55.01 buy-in) – 6 Seats GTD to Step Five (1 in 3.9 win)
  • Step Five ($215.01 buy-in) – 5 Seats GTD to Step Six (1 in 3.15 win)
  • Step Six ($630.01 buy-in) – 1 Venom Seat GTD (1 in 4.41 win)

You can thank Americas Cardroom for these great odds as they’re spending $120,000 each month on these step tournaments.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have already showed the world what you’re made of, it’s worth stepping your way to the $5 Million Venom.

In fact, Americas Cardroom Poker Pro Thomas Cannuli is taking part in the Cannuli Challenge. His goal is to start with no money and end up with three $2,650 Venom tickets! It’s a great plan since he literally has nothing to lose. Neither do you.

Venom ACR

$5 Million Venom on Americas Cardroom is major High Stakes poker

Americas Cardroom (ACR) is bringing their $5 Million Venom to poker fans starting July 16th and you can’t afford to miss it. Not only is it the largest tourney ever offered by the site, but it will be the biggest ever held by a US-facing poker site.

If this doesn’t get your blood flowing, then we have more! The top prize of the Venom is a whopping $1 Million. Think of everything you could do with that money when you become an instant millionaire.

While the Venom is truly going to be legendary, we also want you to know about the other High Stakes events they run every day of the week, 52 weeks a year. Take a look:

  • $200,000 GTD ($1,050 buy-in) every Sunday at 2pm ET
  • $125,000 Sunday Special ($215 buy-in) every Sunday at 2:30pm ET
  • $70,000 GTD ($1,050 buy-in) every Tuesday at 6pm ET
  • $20,000 to $50,000 GTD Daily High Roller ($530 buy-in). Times vary

Getting back to the Venom, we forgot to mention that the buy-in is $2,650, but don’t let that scare you away! There are tons of opportunities to win your seat for pennies on the dollar like daily Satellites and Super Satellites happening now. You can also win a seat for absolutely nothing through their Step Tourneys.

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WSOP Takedown Week is your chance to take a seat or take the cash

If a weekend in Vegas is a dream come true, then consider this the ultimate fantasy. Starting Monday, June 3rd, Americas Cardroom is hosting WSOP Takedown Week, a week of poker satellites that feed into a 15-package guaranteed tournament on Sunday, June 9th where $187,500 worth of WSOP seats are on the line.

If you win a package, you’ve got yourself $12,500 to buy yourself into the WSOP Main Event in Vegas, with some money for travel and accommodations. The best part? You can use the cash to take a seat. Or you can simply take the cash. The $12,500 will be credited directly to your Americas Cardroom account, so you get to decide what to do with it.

The Main Event satellite takes place on Sunday, June 9th at 4pm. If you were to buy directly in, it would cost you $1,800+120. But that’s what the satellite schedule is for. From as little as $2+0.20, you can steamroll a seat into the big show.

This is an incredible chance to win your seat in the world’s richest poker tournament and potentially win millions of dollars.

And speaking of millions, Americas Cardroom has a few millions of its own. The $5 Million Venom gets underway at Americas Cardroom July 16th and features $5 million in guaranteed prize money, including $1 million for first place.

The satellites aren’t the only way in, though. You’ll also find Step tournaments leading to the WSOP Main Event starting right now. Check for all the info.



Americas Cardroom’s $1.3 Million High Five brings the heat

Did you play in Americas Cardroom’s recently-completed OSS Cub3d that had $8 Million in guaranteed prize pools? If you didn’t, you missed an incredible tournament series that included two $1 Million events.

Fortunately, the next big thing at ACR is right around the corner with their High Five Tournament Series (April 17th-21st). Here are just some of the highlights:

  • $1,300,000 in guaranteed prize pools. There are five tourneys with a guarantee of $80,000 or more. Buy-ins start at just $1+0.05.
  • $420,000 GTD Main Event on final day. The buy-in is $420+30, but you can qualify for far less via one of the many satellites.
  • 25 added tournaments. These are spread out evenly at five per day.

If you go to Americas Cardroom’s site, you’ll probably notice all the 420 references surrounding the High Five. While those are certainly amusing, especially the daily 10-minute “courtesy break” they’re running at 4:20pm ET, we prefer to focus on the great poker action over the five days.

And when the High Five concludes, Americas Cardroom’s next big thing will really start to heat up. It’s their $5 Million Venom this July that comes with a $1 Million first-place prize. This will be the biggest tournament ever hosted by a US-facing site.

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