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Bovada Poker is a leading US poker site, casino and sports book. They are currently second only to Lock Poker in terms of traffic.  In December of 2011, Bodog Poker launched the Bovada brand for their American customers.  The word Bovada is a portmanteau that combines"Bodog" with "Nevada".  The rebranding included more than just a name change. Bovada Poker created a lot of controversy when they upgraded their software to include anonymous tables, an industry first. This Bovada Poker review will include a full overview of the software and its features. Bovada Poker is not like many other US poker sites. They have resources that most online gambling companies can only dream of. Their parent company is also involved in the music industry and the beverage industry.  Add this to the fact that their sports betting business is one of the largest in the world and you get an extremely safe and financially secure poker site. Some of the problems that plague other poker rooms are of little concern to a company with the assets and global reach that this poker room has.  

If you live in New York, Maryland, Utah or Washington DC you will not be allowed to register an account at Bovada.

$1000 Bonus for New Players

Bovada Poker has more than just poker. Bet on sports or play casino games. The poker site accepts all USA players!

  • Biggest overlay tournaments online
  • Lots of satellites for live tournaments
  • Excellent VIP rewards poker program

Bovada Poker Deposit Bonus

The initial deposit bonus with Bovada Poker is a 100% match up to $1,000. Bovada uses a unique method to distribute the bonus money. Instead of crediting it in insignificant installments or in one lump sum they have setup a fixed set of benchmarks that increase in scale. This creates a clearance system that is easy on both recreational players and serious grinders.

  • $10 – 50 points
  • $40 – 250 points
  • $100 – 750 points
  • $150 – 1,500 points
  • $300 – 3,000 points
  • $400 – 5,000 points

I really think that this method is ideal. I’ve cleared many poker room bonuses that were paid off in small installments. Most of the time you don’t even notice them hit your account. Bovada’s method gives you reasonable goals and serious rewards. 5 poker points at Bovada are worth $1 in bonus money. Bovada Poker uses the contributed rake method, which is commonly thought to be the fairest. You will earn between 0.1 and 1 poker points per hand and 3 points per dollar in sitngo and tournament fees.

Bovada Poker Software

The software package with Bovada Poker isn’t full of novelty features like some of their competitors. The software was designed with mostly function in mind. The only thing that you could say they splurged on is the look and feel. The software features clean, straight lines and high quality graphics. This software was made for playing poker, not using a "find a friend" feature and exchanging pleasantries in the chatbox. This "business-only" approach to poker software has been widely praised by both recreational and serious poker players. Here is a list of some of the features and settings.

Anonymous tables – Players are known by their seat number instead of usernames at Bovada. This unprecedented move provoked mixed responses from the poker community. This feature was created to protect recreational players from data-mining services. Googling someone’s poker room username generally yields web sites that provide statistical data and even hand history analysis.

Rabbit Cam – This is one of Bovada Poker’s few truly unessential features. You can view which card would have came next if your opponents had stayed in the hand.

In-client Blackjack – Play the most popular casino game without having to leave the poker platform.

Optional settings – Block all chat, preferred seating, four color deck, default buy-in and several others.

The game line-up you will find with Bovada Poker is somewhat limited compared to other rooms. Their software offers Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha HL, Stud and Stud HL.

Bovada Poker Competition

Like all sports book / poker room combos the competition with Bovada Poker is easier to beat than that of the typical poker site. Being the largest US bookmaker gives Bovada the advantage of drawing in more inexperienced poker players than any other US poker site.  This many weak players definitely draws in grinders, but the ratio at Bovada is favorable to all players.

Bovada Deposit Options

Banking has become a very serious consideration for online poker players from the USA. Viable deposit options and fast payout methods have never been plentiful at US poker rooms, but due to their vast resources Bovada Poker has been able to do well in both areas.

Deposit Options:

Visa - This includes debit, credit and pre-paid Visa cards. Minimum: $20, Fee: 4.9% (Waived on your first deposit).

Money Transfer / Rapid Transfer – Money transfer services like Western Union and Moneygram can be done online or in person at numerous retail outlets. Minimum: $100, Fee: Bovada will cover the transfer fee on deposits of $300 and up. Money transfer services usually charge $10-$20 for transfers under $300.

Payout Options:

Check – Bovada Poker check payouts are delivered via courier and generally take around 1-2 weeks to arrive.  Min: $20, Fee: One free payout per month and $50 for subsequent check payouts.

Money Transfer / Rapid Transfer – These services are extremely fast and you get the benefit of picking up cash from a local retail outlet like Currency Exchange or Wal-Mart. They can take as little 24 hours but it is safer to assume 3 business days. Min: $100, Fee: $50-$60.

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