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BetOnline is a moderately sized stand-alone US poker room. has been online since 2001 as a sports book, but they didn’t open their poker room until mid 2011. BetOnline Poker has had a turbulent time since then. They temporarily left the Chico (Action) Poker Network, but quickly returned. They did acquire a software license from the Hero Poker Network so they do use a different platform than the other rooms on their network.  BetOnline does share players with the Chico Network but they are not a normal skin. They are closer to an independent poker room than a network skin.  BetOnline has managed to grow considerably and is now counted as the leading US poker sites. Peak traffic at BetOnline Poker ranges from 2,500 to 3,000 players. This puts them fairly close to the “big” US poker sites and networks; Revolution, Bovada and Merge Gaming. BetOnline Poker is very similar to Bovada Poker in many ways. They are the two largest US sports books, they both have a casino and they both have easy to beat competition at their poker tables. The secret behind Bet Online’s success is their amazing withdrawal options and speeds. I will discuss that and more in this Bet Online Poker review.

All Players in the United States Welcome At BetOnline

$900 Bonus for New Players

Bet Online is a very soft poker site for US players. Mac compatible and offers sports betting, poker & casino games!

  • Offers Sports Betting - Poker - Casino
  • Poker room is loaded with fish
  • Instant cash bonus on all deposits

BetOnline Poker Deposit Bonus

Most of BetOnline’s experience is in sports betting so they haven’t quite worked out what poker players want in terms of bonuses. In fact, it is very difficult to even find the poker room bonus and promotional offers on their web site.  Their initial deposit bonus is small but they make up for this by giving you this same bonus on all poker deposit. They will match all of your deposits at 25%, up to $900. They compliment this bonus with a unique promo bucks promo.

Every $50 you deposit at BetOnline Poker is worth 200 promo bucks (PB’s). Unfortunately you will have to write BetOnline support an email requesting the promo bucks each time you deposit. They are still new to the poker industry, so I’m sure that they will streamline this process soon.

You can claim up to 4,000 BP’s per deposit. Promo dollars at BetOnline Poker have a single use and that is buying into tournaments. Each promo buck is worth roughly $.01 so a $500 deposit would be worth $20 in tournament money. PB’s can be used in all of the real money tournaments at BetOnline.

Bet Online Poker Software

BetOnline Poker is currently leasing the Hero Poker software. This software isn’t exceptional by any standards, but it also isn’t terrible. Simple and clean-cut are the two words that come to mind when I think about this platform. The plus side to not using HD graphics and animations is that the table action at BetOnline is very smooth and fast. They do not list the hands per hour statistic in the lobby, but I would guess that they are better than average. BetOnline has a casino too, but the games are played outside of the poker client, using your browser.

Here is a list of the features at Bet Online Poker.

Buddy list – Use this feature to find your friends or any fishy players that you have taken note of.

Multi-table –BetOnline’s software allows you to tile your windows for smoother multi-table play.

Optional settings – Changeable table themes, sound themes and deck colors.

The software only offers Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo. With 2,500 - 3,000 players during peak hours there just isn’t enough traffic to justify adding less common games like Stud or Draw poker. Other USA poker sites do offer these other games, but the tables are always dead. BetOnline is simply sticking to the basics, but as their traffic continues to grow we may see some new card games offered.

Competition At Bet Online Poker

BetOnline’s primary market is sports betting so the competition at the poker room can be very soft. They also draw in a lot of US casino players, so you must take those players into consideration. Serious poker players are definitely the minority at BetOnline. Sports bettors trying their hand at poker are pretty common at BetOnline, so this room is home to some of the easiest to beat competition in the US poker market. Ring table action for micro to small stakes Hold’em can be extremely profitable for experienced poker players.

Banking At Bet Online Poker

U.S. citizens will really appreciate the banking options at BetOnline. Over the past decade they have perfected payment processing to and from the United States.  This has been crucial for BetOnline’s success in the US market. BetOnline Poker’s turbo-charged payouts have drawn a lot of notice from players at other rooms who are forced to wait weeks or even months to receive a cashout via check.

Deposit Options:

Visa  – Bet Online Poker accepts Visa debit, credit or pre-paid card deposits. There are very few rejections and the money is instantly available. Min: $50.

Mastercard – USA poker sites, casinos and sports books stopped accepting Mastercard quite some time ago. BetOnline is still accepting MC deposits, but only on a limited basis as a courtesy to their VIP players and bettors. After you sign up I suggest that you write support and ask them about Mastercard deposits if none of the other options work for you.

Money transfer services – Moneygram and Western Union transfers can be sent online or in person. This option is not instant but it works every time.  Min: $100.

Payout Options:

Check – BetOnline Poker has three different delivery options for check payouts; normal mail (4 weeks), courier (2 weeks) and express delivery (1 week). The fees associated with these options are $25, $35 and $50, respectively.

Money transfer –Western Union or Moneygram are the quickest ways for Americans to receive their poker withdrawals at this room. The fees start at $26 and increase from there. Most people are more than happy to pay this fee because they can pick up their winnings in 12-36 hours.

Bankwire – BetOnline reserves this option for large withdrawals . The fee for bank wire cashouts is $45 to $75 but if you want to withdraw more than $2,500 this is the ideal solution. These wires take around 7 business days to reach your bank account.

Book2Book – BetOnline allows you to transfer your money to other online sportsbooks. Please visit Bet Online for a full list of participating bookmakers.   

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